Use Custom Framing To Preserve And Organize Childhood Mementos

Within a half dozen years of becoming parents many people will suddenly realize they are overwhelmed with keepsakes. These items will be tucked in baby albums, filling trunks and storage containers and tossed into drawers throughout the house. Many get destroyed, lost or thrown out in a spring cleaning frenzy. Instead of saving something just to lose it or, at best, never see it, why not give it a place of honor like it deserves.

3 Mistakes That Make For A Boring Wedding Reception

Sure, the guests are happy for the wedded couple, but how long are they willing to stay after the cake is cut? A dull reception is something no couple wants. So, how does a newly-married couple keep the guests around? Here are a few things to avoid. 1. Taking too long for pictures. Couples want to capture as many keepsake images of their day as possible, but keeping the guests waiting at the hall is a big point of frustration.