3 Mistakes That Make For A Boring Wedding Reception

Sure, the guests are happy for the wedded couple, but how long are they willing to stay after the cake is cut? A dull reception is something no couple wants. So, how does a newly-married couple keep the guests around? Here are a few things to avoid.

1. Taking too long for pictures.

Couples want to capture as many keepsake images of their day as possible, but keeping the guests waiting at the hall is a big point of frustration. When interviewing a photographer, ask him or her how they keep track of the wedding timeline. Give the photographer a set time to be done with pictures, and that way the reception can begin without the guests becoming bored.

 A gap of longer than an hour can really test the limits of your guests. If you must have extra time with your new spouse before arriving at the reception, try to incorporate some activities to keep your guests occupied. Food and drink are always a good measure, but also consider activities like a photo booth, a photo collage, creative guest books, or even some games like a bean bag toss (weather permitting). If your guests are occupied, they may not even notice the time before you arrive and get the party started.

2. Endless Speeches

Everyone has experienced the wedding speech that drones on endlessly. It bores the guests and has everyone pining for them to end. To avoid this, try sticking to a handful of relatives and close friends to speak, and consider giving everyone a time limit. A good rule of thumb is no speeches longer than a page long. If the toasts are going to be lengthy no matter what, consider having the speeches begin after the meal is served. That way, guests aren't listening on empty stomachs. 

3. No DJ

Sure, you could hook up your laptop and have a friend play some music through speakers, but a good DJ is irreplaceable.The single most important component of a good wedding reception is a DJ who can keep the party going.  A professional wedding DJ also serves as the emcee, and knows how to gauge the crowd and play appropriate music that will bring everyone on the dance floor. When researching DJs, make sure you research thoroughly, and look for recommendations from family and friends. Remember, a good DJ may be pricey, but is irreplaceable in celebrating your new marriage.