Use Custom Framing To Preserve And Organize Childhood Mementos

Within a half dozen years of becoming parents many people will suddenly realize they are overwhelmed with keepsakes. These items will be tucked in baby albums, filling trunks and storage containers and tossed into drawers throughout the house. Many get destroyed, lost or thrown out in a spring cleaning frenzy. Instead of saving something just to lose it or, at best, never see it, why not give it a place of honor like it deserves. There are many ways to use custom framing services to make the most of the memories that matter.

Filling Custom Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes are the perfect solution for items that are three-dimensional. It keeps all mementos dust-free and puts them out on display. There are a number of items that can be included in these versatile frames. The hospital ID bracelets the family members wore when baby was born, a pacifier when it is finally surrendered, or the scraps of what is left from a favorite childhood blanket are just a few ideas. Other ideas are christening gowns, the first Easter dress, or even the very first macaroni and cotton ball artwork from preschool. Custom framing makes it possible to have a box that fits the items exactly, so items are not floating around in an empty space or too tightly enclosed. In addition they will be able to attach the items securely without damaging the integrity of the keepsake and keep it safe with the use of acid-free background and framing materials. 

Create Collages of Artwork

Collages are wonderful because they can be a collection of items from a special event, show a series of growth over the years, or be any theme that the parent prefers. They do not, however, need to always be photographs. A budding artist will love seeing collages of their best paintings. By scanning each masterpiece, the image can be scaled to whatever size will work within the collage. Even the most industrious artist can have their collection displayed on a single wall. Custom framers can create matting that matches perfectly each individual item, so the finished work will look professional.

Display a Matching Set of Frames

When photos or paper ephemera of any kind are matted and displayed in coordinating frames they create a stylish and uncluttered focal point. Consider framing academic, sports, or music achievement certificates. Frame all of the report cards from kindergarten through high school, or make a wall of copies of letters written to grandma or Santa. Try to keep a single theme in each collection to keep the look orderly.Since many of these items will be non-traditional sizes, department store frames will usually not be sufficient to display them adequately.Have a framer create matching frames for the display. They may need to be a variety of sizes, but can still be the same wood or other material, or have the same finish to make them look like a true set.

There are no rules as to what can be framed or how many of these items to use. The finished works will look appropriate in nearly any room of the home and can fit in with numerous styles of decor. The one definite would be to always choose a professional service. like Trapani Art & Frame, to custom frame the most important items. They will make certain the original item is not destroyed in the framing process and use archival materials that will protect the integrity of the item for decades.