5 Occasions That Fireworks Make Magical

Fireworks are loud and bright, grabbing everyone's attention when they go off, which makes them the perfect thing to celebrate with. There are many occasions and holidays around the world where fireworks are an important part of the celebration, but fireworks can add to any special day. This is a list of days that fireworks can make magical: 


Fireworks have been a staple in traditional Chinese weddings for hundreds of years. Firecrackers were believed to drive off evil spirits from the festivities, and the noise only added to the joyous festival. Fireworks at weddings have grown in popularity all around the world in recent years. Nothing can quite compare to booming white and gold fireworks ending the night. Using sparklers for the guests to send off the happy couple instead of rice or flower petals creates a memorable moment and makes for a great photo opportunity. 


As proposals have grown more and more elaborate over the years, it's no wonder that fireworks have become involved. People have begun proposing before a colorful cacophony of bright exploding lights. A proposal is a once in a lifetime moment and an important display of feelings. Buying fireworks for the big moment can help you stand out from the crowd (in a good way). 

The Fourth of July: 

The Fourth of July is the biggest day for fireworks in the United States. Fireworks displays can range from individual families and neighborhoods to firework shows put on by cities that last an hour or more. Buying fireworks for Independence Day lets you put on your own party and create lasting memories for your family. Firework sellers can help you pick the right fireworks for your venue and budget. 

The New Year: 

New Year's Eve is another holiday that wouldn't be the same without fireworks. When the clock chimes twelve, fireworks boom off around the world as people ring in the new year. You can buy your own display of fireworks to make your party one people will think about for years to come. 


Birthday celebrations let someone know they are important and cared about; fireworks help make a big statement. Choosing fireworks that match the birthday boy or girl's favorite color can take the display to the next level. Buying sparklers or other fireworks are fun for party guests and a good way to end the night on a high note. 

Laws about Fireworks vary state by state, so be sure to check the latest regulations in your state.

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