3 Benefits Of Teens Reading A Murder Mystery Book Series

Anytime a teen reads, they will get natural advantages like an expansion of vocabulary and time away from distractions like screens. More benefits pop up when teens choose to read specific types of novels. When a teen reads a young adult mystery book series, they can become immersed in the world of mysteries and enjoy several benefits along the way. 

Learn about some of those benefits and reasons to encourage teens to try out a new teen murder mystery book series.

1. The Unreliable Narrator

When a teen reads a book, you would assume you could trust a main character, but in a mystery series, you will often come across unreliable narrators or characters. They may lie, change facts, or leave important information out of the story. The unreliable narrator will help teens learn how to use logic and critical thinking when reading stories.

In real life, a teen will learn not to take everything at face value and can analyze situations with others. The more a teen learns and adapts, the more they can improve their analysis in various situations. They will learn how to use empathy and perspective to see different narratives.

2. Critical Thinking & Logic

The mystery element of a teen book series adds a lot of depth to each story they read. Through the mysteries, teens can piece clues together, figure out plot twists, and solve crimes with each book they read. Each book they read will build up those critical thinking skills. Eventually, they piece together clues faster, solve mysteries, and look for little details.

Those critical thinking skills can be applied to real situations and school work. As a teen goes through homework, projects, or assignments, those skills will apply and improve their brain function and focus overall.

3. Investment In Characters

When reading a book series, teens will often follow the same characters in each book. The teens will follow along with the journey of the character along the way and learn more about them with each new book they read. The growth of characters in the books can showcase how people grow, change, and have multiple layers to their personalities.

Along with the main plot of each book, teen readers may become invested in the character plots and how the characters and their relationships change. The use of the same characters could encourage a teen to read more books in the future and immerse themselves in a lot more reading.

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