Unique Ideas for Front Yard, High School Graduation Signs

In some areas, it is traditional to put a sign out in the yard after your son or daughter graduates from high school. Typically, these signs have the child's name and the graduation year on them, sometimes with the words "congratulations" or "congratulations, graduate!" There is nothing wrong with these signs, and they're a good option for showing your love and support for your kids. But what if you want to get a little more creative? Here are some fun ways to jazz up your graduation sign.

Add a Nickname

Does your child have a nickname that they like, or that all of their high school friends call them? Consider having that name added to their graduation sign. For example, if your child's nickname is "Ringo," you could have the sign say "Congratulations, Ringo! 2021." This is a good way to keep things lighthearted and add some fun to the sign. Your child's friends may laugh and even honk when they drive by and see it. Including your child's nickname on their sign also shows that you care about their own, unique identity they've chosen for themselves.

Include the Words "and Beyond"

For some kids, graduation can be scary. The idea of high school coming to an end can be sad, and it can bring lots of feelings of uncertainty. If this sounds like something your child may be working through, then you may want to have the words "and beyond" added to their graduation sign. For example, you could have the sign say "Joseph... 2021 and Beyond." This serves as a reminder that graduation is not just an end, it is also a beginning. It also emphasizes the point that what is beyond or still to come is just as important as what your child has already accomplished.

Add a quote

Does your child have a favorite author or musician? Maybe there is a particular song that means something to them. Choose a brief, meaningful lyric from that song, and have it printed on the graduation sign. For instance, if your child loves the song "Time of Your Life" by Greenday, you could have the sign say "In the end, it's right. Justin 2021." This personalizes the sign and makes it stand out from all the others on the block.

Graduation lawn signs can say so much more than your child's name and birth year. Personalize your signs with the ideas above.