Are You Establishing a Home Theater?

If you recently bought a large flat-screen television set, with a great sound system, maybe you have decided to turn your family room into a home theater. If that's the case, read on for some ideas that might help you to design a fun place that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The Seating Is Number One

The size of your room will determine the kind of seating you can have in your new home theater. For instance, if the room is relatively small, purchase a comfortable chair for each member of your family. If there's enough space, choose chairs that recline and that have food trays or cup holders as part of the design. 

There will more than likely be times when you'll need extra seating. Bean bag chairs are one way to provide that. Besides being super comfortable, they will add interest to the room. Or, of course, you can put them away until they are needed.

If you have a large family room, that opens up many seating options. For instance, you can mimic a movie theater by having a row of reclining chairs across the room. You might even have enough space to create additional rows of seats.

The fabric you choose for the seats is important, too. Remember that things like sodas or melted cheese might inadvertently land on the seats. Leather would be a perfect upholstery choice, as it is easy to maintain and it will last for a long time.

Add Personality to Your Home Theater

This part of establishing your home theater might be the most enjoyable part of the decorating. Think of pairing movie posters with stenciled famous quotes from those movies.

  • A poster of The Wizard of Oz with words that say, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" would be one good choice.
  • Another good choice would be the quote "Here's looking at you, kid" along with a poster of the classic, Casablanca.
  • "May the Force Be With You" paired with a poster of Luke Skywalker would be fun if your family loves the Star Wars movies.

Choose a large movie marquee that has your last name as part of the design for one of the walls in your home theater. Even before people enter the room, have another sign that displays the name of the movie that will be shown. A free-standing popcorn machine would add to the fun. 

For more information or assistance, contact companies that can help you put together a home theater.