Family Halloween Traditions To Start This Year

What does your family do to celebrate Halloween? If you have small children, you probably spend some time trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and watching Halloween-themed cartoons. While all of these are excellent Halloween traditions, there are plenty of other things that you can to do make the holiday fun. Consider starting one of these Halloween traditions this year.

Go "Booing"

Booing is a fun twist on traditional Halloween pranks. It's a great way to include friends in your family traditions or get the people in your neighborhood to start connecting.

  1. Fill a Halloween bag or bucket with candy, cookies, and other holiday treats.
  2. Place a piece of paper in bucket with the goodies explaining to the recipient that he or she has been boo'd. Your instructions should tell the recipient to keep the "booing" chain going by gifting two other people a basket of treats and including a copy of the letter.
  3. Take your basket to the recipient's house, place it on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run.

Hit Up Local Haunted Houses

You don't have to have teenagers to make a tradition out of going to haunted houses. If you have little ones, look for haunted hayrides or haunted train rides in your area that are family friendly. As your children grow, increase the fear factor by hitting up more spooky sites. In addition to haunted houses, you can visit places in your area that are said to be haunted — of course, the experience is a lot more creepy if you visit the places at night.

Host a Halloween Bash

Start hosting an annual Halloween party for all of your friends and neighbors. You can host a simple gathering by setting up buffet tables filled with food and drinks in your driveway. Or, you can host a more elaborate bash by transforming rooms in your home into your own personal haunted house. As long as you have spooky decorations, plenty of food, and music, your friends and loved ones are sure to have a good time. Remember, it's Halloween. So, ask your guests to arrive at your party dressed in costumes. To entertain your guests:

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest.
  • Play some spooky music and have a dance contest.
  • Have a contest to see who can tell the spookiest story.

Candy, costumes, parties, and spooky thrills make Halloween one of the funnest holidays of the year. With careful planning and a little creativity, you can start a few fun family traditions of your own.