2 Reasons To Have Your Piano Tuned Regularly

One of the most important services that you can take advantage of if you own a piano is a tuning service, mostly because it can prevent a lot of issues that can develop over time with your piano. Listed below are two reasons to have your piano tuned on a regular basis.

Provide Better Sound

The most important reasons to have your piano tuned is to ensure that the sound and pitch of the notes are exactly right. This is especially important if you play your piano quite frequently or are teaching someone to play the piano.

If your piano is not tuned correctly when you are teaching someone to play, it can lead to bad habits on the part of your student as he or she will assume that the sound that he or she is hearing is correct. This can also lead to your student developing a poor ear for music and pitch, which can negatively affect his or her ability to play the piano or other instruments in the future.

Avoid Future Problems

One of the most important reasons to tune your piano is that it can help you avoid future issues with your piano because it gives the piano technician an opportunity to inspect the rest of the piano as well. For example, when a technician is done tuning your piano, he or she can then spend some time check on the piano action, which is one of the most expensive and complex parts of your piano. If your technician spots potential problems with the action in time, he or she may be able to help you fix the problem before it requires expensive repairs. 

In addition, you will want to tune the piano regularly because the tuning block or pin itself may be wearing out. The tuning block and pin are the pieces of the piano that actually hold the strings in the right place and at the right tension to provide the desired sounds. If these pieces are allowed to wear out, then you may notice that your piano goes out of tune more frequently, which can cost you a lot of money on more frequent tuning services.

Contact a piano tuner today in order to discuss how often you should have your piano tuned and to schedule an appointment to have your piano looked at. A properly and regularly tuned piano can provide much better sound quality and help you avoid future problems with your piano.

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