Three Reasons You Should Attend Live Music Performances

Attending music concerts has been a favorite teen pastime for decades, and as an adult, you might still love the excitement of being at a live event. Concert tickets are often expensive, but they are an investment worth making. This is especially true if you consider the following reasons why everyone should occasionally take the opportunity to enjoy a live music performance.

Music Can Be a Multi-Sensory Experience

When you listen to music on an MP3 player or a stereo, you only have the benefits of the audio experience. Music is obviously intended for the sense of hearing, but a total experience should also include visual and tactile stimuli. 

When you attend a concert, you can see the band or orchestra. You can't help being affected by the lighting. You can feel the beat of the music through your feet and even in the arms of your chair. When the concert is especially good, you can even become excited by the "electric" feeling in the air.

Concert attendance also gives you the opportunity to be influenced by the people around you. The people in your seating area might offer background information about the orchestra, band, or composer. These facts can enlarge your appreciation of the music and the effect it has on you.

Interaction with the Performers Heightens Your Appreciation for their Efforts

When you attend a live music performance, the performers make all the difference in the type of experience you have. An orchestral conductor might explain the role of the string section in the next piece they perform, or the lead singer in the band might talk about their lengthy tour.

The excitement of the performers can also be contagious. After attending a concert, you might discover that you now love a song or composition that you once thought dull.

Turn a Passive Experience into an Active Encounter

Have you ever showed your appreciation for recorded music by offering a standing ovation or clapping even just a little? Probably not. Listening to music through headphones or ear buds is intended to be a passive experience. Attending a concert makes you want to respond. 

During a concert, you can't beat the excitement of anticipating what the group will do next. When you listen to recorded music, you probably don't become much more involved than looking at the playlist to find out what song is next.

You will be hooked once you take part in your first concert. When an orchestra, band, or solo act is really compelling, you won't mind spending money on tickets. For more information, visit or a similar website.