Video Editing Services: Capturing Out-Of-The-Box Events

Hiring a video editing service to capture the memories of your wedding or bar mitzvah is a no-brainer, but these are not the only moments worth professionally shooting. Here are the top five unconventional uses for a videographer:

Your Grandparent's Landmark Anniversary

Whether you are hosting a small family reunion or a full-out anniversary extravaganza, hiring a video service to shoot the event is a must. Not only will it capture your grandparent's special night, but it will yield memories to last a lifetime and beyond. Video editing services can shoot and create a video of an informal party or an organized program, capturing the guests and the details of the event picture-perfectly. 

A Day in the Life of Your Family

Photobooks and candid videos are wonderful for making and keeping family memories, but if you are aiming for something extra special, consider hiring a professional. A video company can film a day in the life of your family and edit it as a documentary for an unexpected and incredibly creative way to preserve a moment in time.

Pro Tip: Use your professional video to share with family and friends as a great alternative to a holiday greeting card. 

Promotional Items for Your Charity

Charitable pursuits are always worthwhile, but when looking to get more mileage out of a fundraiser for charity, using video editing services is a must. Letting a creative videographer from a company like Watrous Video Productions communicate the goals of your charity will drive up donations and drastically increase the reach of your message. Post this high-quality presentation to video sharing sites and social media to create a viral buzz that exposes your charitable event to a broad audience.

Your Company's Annual Meeting

Many companies use professional video services for promotional materials, but filming items for and during your annual company meeting will be a runaway success. Consider filming humorous segments to play during transitions in the program of your meeting, or shooting the highlights from an executive summit for your next get-together. Using a videographer will help to create camaraderie within your business, and will make your event more entertaining and enlightening for all in attendance. 

Behind the Scenes Wedding

The usual wedding reception video is always a nice way to remember a wedding, but a videographer can do more than interview friends and family after a wedding ceremony. Try using a professional video service to record all of the behind the scenes moments of your wedding (think rehearsal dinner, dress fittings, bachelor/ette parties, showers, etc.) to commemorate your special day. 

Pro Tip: Give the videographer specific scenes to shoot, whatever the setting. I.e. The bride's father placing the veil just before she walks down the aisle, or the toasts at the rehearsal dinner.