Be Creatively Innovative With Your Senior Portrait Portfolio Theme

Although in one set of pictures that you will have done before your senior year, you will most likely be in formal attire; there is a second set of shots where you can choose the theme. Here are a couple ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Choose a theme with your photographer that will produce an awesome senior picture portfolio.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Your senior photographs are taken once in a lifetime, so this is an opportunity to be imaginative and show off a unique side of your personality. A lot of soon to be graduates get focused on having their outside pictures taken with a backdrop of something representative of activities while in school.

While there is nothing wrong with theatrical students having senior pictures taken using theatrical backdrops, or sports minded types using athletic participation as the underlying theme, being imaginative can make a senior portrait portfolio worth remembering. Try to build on some of these ideas, and you may be creating memories you can keep forever.

Nature Minded

If you like the outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, or otherwise just communing with Mother Nature is important in your life, head out into nature for your photo shoot. Be aware that generic photographs with some trees in the background might not portray the objective you are trying to show.

Get your photographer to go on a short hike into a densely wooded area with you. If your photographer does not seem to be hip on the idea of going into the woods, find a new photographer who specializes in nature photography. Plan on going to a secluded spot, somewhere uncluttered with human activity.

Make a schedule to hang around for a little while just engulfing the natural beauty around you. After a little time spent being silent, nature will return to more normal activity and then you can let the camera shutter flutter away. Make sure your photographer snaps a large selection of shots for you to choose from, as you never know what denizen of the forest your efforts may capture.

Auto Shop Talk

If you have been an avid member of your school's auto body or mechanics programs, consider the automotive angle. Cars and working on them are important to your senior story. Don't just take the easy road and have pictures taken in front of your favorite car.

Get your photographer to follow you to a car show. If new cars are your favorite, then hit automotive shows that are full of today's model cars. If older cars are your bag, then, by all means, find an antique car show and have your photographer click away while you pose in front of some of your favorite classics.

The choices for a theme to get the most out of your senior picture portfolio can be endless. Remember, your senior portrait photographer works for you, but he or she does not necessarily know what things you enjoy, or who you really are as a person. Help your hired camera along and come up with a unique theme special to you that will make your senior portraits a memory for the ages.