Make Your Cabin Getaway A Great One For Your Family

If you're lucky enough to be taking a few days to stay in a cabin, there are things that you can do to make your stay a memorable one for your entire family. 

Do Your Homework - Of course, if you own the cabin, you already know what is there. However, if you are renting, or if you're staying in somebody else's cabin, find out what you'll need to take. Are there sheets, blankets, towels and other linens there, or will you need to take your own? What about kitchen utensils and dinnerware? Ask your hosts if they can give you some tips on what you'll need while you're at the cabin. 

Outdoor Fun - Don't forget comfortable shoes for hiking, and even though it might not be winter yet, you might need a jacket for the early mornings and late evenings. If your children are old enough, consider getting cameras for them. Disposable ones are not expensive, and they'll have a ball taking their own pictures. It's also fun to take a handy box with you so that you can collect leaves and wild flowers. One thing to do is to plan a scavenger hunt as this activity will encourage the children to really search nature. The list could include things like insects, animal tracks and other evidence that an animal has been there before you have. Another good idea is to take sketch pads and pencils so you can all try your hand at drawing.

Indoor Fun - Remember the leaves and flowers you collected? Press them! When you return home, they can take these to school for "show and tell" or you can frame them or use them to make pretty notecards. Take plenty of books to read and your family's favorite board games. Encourage the children to keep a cabin journal and to record the things they saw during the day and the feelings they had while they were in nature. Don't forget to make S'mores and to tell stories before the kids go to bed.

Take A Charter Plane - Because your time is short, consider taking a charter plane, like those at Captain Memo's Original Pirate Cruise. Your children will definitely have an adventure, and you can even take your family pet. You are probably thinking that charter flights are too expensive, but you might be surprised. You can charter a small plane for between $2,000.00 and $2,500.00. That price is not that much higher than buying tickets on a regular commercial flight, and in some cases, it's even lower. Before you sign any contracts, be sure to find out about landing fees, fuel, taxes, and expenses for your pilot's stay. Imagine not having to wait in line for boarding, and imagine the privacy your family will experience. You'll travel in comfy seats, too.  What an adventure you'll have, definitely one that you and your children will never forget. Be sure to keep the name of the pilot, as you will probably want a re-do on this experience.

Have fun flying, and enjoy your family trip!